Who I M, Interview with Charlie by Chase Alias is Classic Alter Art (alter-ism)


Published on Feb 26, 2014
It all began while working deep in character as Chase Alias on a series called What We Found on Craigslist...

Chase is an Immersionist character. Immersionism is a form of gonzo journalism made famous by Hunter S Thompson in his works such as "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Immersion Journalism or Immersionism is a style of journalism similar to gonzo journalism. In the style, journalists immerse themselves in a situation and with the people involved. The final product tends to focus on the experience, not the writer.

David S Pollack, Notable Figure in Immersion Journalism

Chase Alias, Cited External Links in Gonzo Journalism

Since all use of work has citation and proven credibility toward Journalistic Endeavors, no release is needed. The Imagery and stories are for artistic, journalistic and photo-journalistic use. Never for commercial purposes.

Throwing the Target at the Arrow


Found this on Rhizome

This is a good concept based on Marcel Duchamp's theories.

The application of the project needs come work.

That will come.

I Hope.

DS Pollack




Who is Ai Weiwei? The focus of a new exhibit @hirshhorn and one of the most powerful artists in the world

Who is Ai Weiwei? The focus of a new exhibit @hirshhorn and one of the most powerful artists in the world


So what is it about Ai? What makes him, in Western eyes, the world’s “most powerful artist”? The answer lies in the West itself. Now obsessed with China, the West would surely invent Ai if he didn’t already exist. China may after all become the most powerful nation in the world. It must therefore have an artist of comparable consequence to hold up a mirror both to China’s failings and its potential. Ai (his name is pronounced eye way-way) is perfect for the part. Having spent his formative years as an artist in New York in the 1980s, when Warhol was a god and conceptual and performance art were dominant, he knows how to combine his life and art into a daring and politically charged performance that helps define how we see modern China. He’ll use any medium or genre—sculpture, ready-mades, photography, performance, architecture, tweets and blogs—to deliver his pungent message.


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Why Not? : In Response to a Poetry Question Posed by ink-and-dust on tumbler by @beingholden

#QuestionAnything #ChangeEverything

Holden Vance III in response to

Poetry Question:

Posed by


Do you combine other artists work with poetry?

Why not?

If you believe in the word creativity then you must understand that it takes the same creative energy to create an object d'art or ready made.  The issue is in the contradiction of believing one can own a moment of creation, which is merely a memory.

B. Holden Vance III

#questionanything, #changeeverything
#art, #poetry, #performanceart, #existence

2 July 2558


BASEHOUSE: 2005-2009 : Baggie Ties, Diptych, 2008

BASEHOUSE: 2005-2009 Immersion Journalism and Gonzo Art by Cubby (Brent). This is where it all begins. BASEHOUSE is a foundation or starting point. This pivotal series in the Canon of Immersionist David S Pollack is where we begin to see the development of his unique Gonzo Art style.

BASEHOUSE: 2005-2009 : Baggie Ties, Diptych, 2008: BASEHOUSE: 2005-2009 Immersionism and Gonzo Journalism by B. Cubby Brent Baggie Ties,  Diptych, 2008: Basehouse, A Meditation/ Playplace ...



(Re)Ligion, Part One : Why? by DS Pollack

#QuestionAnything #ChangeEverything
DS Pollack
 Part One  :  Why?
I have never been one
For organized western monotheism

That, I believe to be personal
Not fodder for social memes
I'm not ignorant towards Theology
Moral systems tentatively designed
Creating reasoning for logicality.

I feel a deep and true appreciation For spirituality and devotion However,
as a creative being always must question everything
As a shy baby, before I could cry
My very first word was, Why?

Criticism is the Father of Revolution.
#QuestionAnything, #ChangeEverything

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