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Latest Bushwick Art Fair Is a Bit of a Circus

Latest Bushwick Art Fair Is a Bit of a Circus

Latest Bushwick Art Fair Is a Bit of a Circus
(Photo: @bushwickopen) Since it was announced that Bushwick Open Studios will be taking place in October and not on their usual summer date, a couple fledgling fests have tried to fill the void. There’s been the Bushwick Arts Festival, which was a bit of a letdown, and the Bushwick Galleries Association’s Hot Summer Nights of extended hours, which are great but for galleries only. So when we heard tell of a new Bushwick art festival called the Bushwick Open Art Fair, we were skeptical. What would make their “Bears on Bicycles”-themed fair different from the other upstarts? But then the organizers told us they’re “currently looking into the permits required to have live animals at the show.” That’s right, Marina Reiter of the East Village’s Studio 26 Gallery and Doug Hollier of Bushwick’s New Apostle Gallery are taking the “Bears on Bicycles” theme for serious. And while they’re planning to throw …

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