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chasealias institute: Chase Alias :: Re-examining Reality to Repurpose Identity as Art by DS Pollack

Conceptual Art Video Claims It's All You Need to Know about Conceptual Art, Huh, by DS Pollack

Blog Art, Blogger Artist a Letter to Paddy Johnson by DS Pollack

Inspection of Existence as Holden Vance III

Who I M, Interview with Charlie by Chase Alias is Classic Alter Art (alter-ism)

Throwing the Target at the Arrow

Who is Ai Weiwei? The focus of a new exhibit @hirshhorn and one of the most powerful artists in the world

Why Not? : In Response to a Poetry Question Posed by ink-and-dust on tumbler by @beingholden

BASEHOUSE: 2005-2009 : Baggie Ties, Diptych, 2008

(Re)Ligion, Part One : Why? by DS Pollack

Want to Change the World?

A Moment Frozen in Time by Marina Reiter

When a Memory of What Was Creation Becomes the Art : Sang Yeoul Kim 작업실의 하루는 쉴 새 없이 바쁘기만 하다.

Still Life Composition in Ochre and Sienna, 2015

Everything is different when there is no meaning. -Ai WeiWei

Remembrance by Ai Weiwei, @aiww : 纪念5.12地震遇难学生《念》活动记录 给参与者的信