Inspection of Existence as Holden Vance III

Chase Alias questions the reality of identity, inspecting his own existence.  Alias understands himself to be a character manufactured as a "Vessel".  A machine that drives Ideas, intentionally littering the Art world’s site-maps. Drawn out, by the artist, for his canon, in advance.  

The Argument between Free Will and Determinism becomes truly complex.  The Goal of Alterism and this new form of Techno-Dada is altruistic in nature.  The Performance Artist (Alterist) Exists as the Art, as an example of the “Emergent System”.

Cyber and actual space/time creates so many barriers. The ability to create one's own existence as Art has become an Imperative. If society is to maintain stability of culture and freedom of speech.  
If you have something to say and fear persecution you could "Remain Anonymous" . However, It may be more effective to create your own "chasealias". It exemplifies creativity all while protecting your right to free speech. @TheorizeArt

Cultural Critic

**Look Very Carefully.  While this may seem like a simple snapshot.  I assure you, It's is has much greater depth.  In fact.  Take the time to watch the pixels very closely.  The process is based on an Algorithm  from the Automated Animator Project and it is One of my Favorite MHDR Finished Works of Art.  MHDR is Motion High Dynamic Range.  It combines aspects of HDR and Gif Animation with unique Algorithms.  The work shimmers and has depth unmatched by printable means. Perpetuating the question and Idea of Animate versus Inanimate.


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